Learning Objectives

What will you learn in this course ?

  • What is ansible, why its needed and how it works

  • How to configure ansible and setup static/dynamic inventories

  • Ad hoc server management, running jobs in parallel

  • Managing systems entities using ansible Modules

  • Writing Playbooks to define the state of infrastructure as a code

  • Creating modular, reusable code with Roles

  • Creating dynmic code with vars and templates

  • Application Deployment Strategies, Rolling Updates

  • Encrypting sensitive data with Vault

  • Service Discovery and managing Multiple Environments

Course curriculum

Your Instructor

  • Gourav Shah

    Devops Coach

    Gourav Shah

    In his current avatar as a devops educator, Gourav has conducted close to 400 corporate workshops, making difference to the careers of more than 5000 technology professionals. He has trained at many of the world class organizations in India and abroad such as Adobe, Visa, Walmart Labs, Cisco, Mercedes, Dreamworks, Intuit, RBS, Accenture, Oracle, ICT of Sri Lanka and the list goes on. Gourav has authored more than 15 self paced video courses on devops topics which are subscribed by 40k+ students globally from more than 150 countries. Gourav is a published author with one book and 7 courses published by Packt, UK and with a course on CI/CD published by Linux Foundation this year.

Why learn from School of Devops

  • Hands On Learning

    We believe in learning by practice. Unless you implement it yourself, you can not master the technology. All our courses follow hands on methodology with demos, labs, nano projects and other practice activities.

  • Verifiable Certifications

    By completing the course 100% with the quizzes and final exam makes you could earn a digitally verifiable badge which you could flaunt on your resume and LinkedIn Profile. This could guaranteed help you with your career prospects.

  • Learn from Experts

    This course is designed by an expert who has not only implemented this technology in practice but has also taught it to thousands of others. The course is an essence of his experience.


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    You could enroll in our monthly or annual subscription plans from this site which gives you access to all devops tutorials. Alternately, you could buy this course individually from Udemy using the link in the banner above.

  • With Annual/Monthly plan what do I get access to ?

    You not only get access to this course but also our complete set of career transforming courses that a re part of devops mastery program. Its like all you can eat buffet. If you plan to learn about than just this course, thats a great option for you.

  • Why should I buy these course from you instead of Udemy then ?

    If you enroll here, you not only get access to other devops mastery courses, but also get verifiable certificates, and access to members only resources such as bonus courses, group coaching etc.

  • What if I am not happy with the course or the subscription plan?

    When you enroll, you start with a 7 day trial period. If you are not happy with the course content or the plan, You could choose to cancel your subscription within this period. You could also choose to enroll via udemy instead of a yearly/monthly plan then.

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