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Introduction to Site Reliability Engineering and DevOps

Gourav Shah has authored a course along with Linux Foundation to introduce you to the concepts of Devops and Site Reliability Engineering. Audit this course for free on EDX.
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Introduction to Site Reliability Engineering and DevOps

LFS261: Implementing Continuous Delivery

by Linux Foundation

This courses authored by Gourav Shah for Linux Foundation is now part of the newly created CDF (CD Foundation) portfolio. Jenkins is officially now a CDF project. This is a comprehensive course on implementing CI/CD with latest and greatest of technologies such as Jenkins Pipeline as a Code, Spinnaker, Git, Docker, Kubernetes etc.
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LFS261: Implementing Continuous Delivery

Devops Mastery Blueprint

Learn 6 Steps and 3 Secrets to be a successful Devops Engineer

DeVOps Mastery Blueprint is step by step formula to be successful Devops Engineer. Created by Gourav Shah based on his experience of being a Devops Consultant, a Trainer, edX author and a coach.
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Devops Mastery Blueprint

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